About the Journal

Applied Information Technology and Computer Science (AICOMS) is an online version of national journal in Bahasa Indonesia and English, published by Department of Informatics Engineering, Politeknik Negeri Ketapang. AICOMS also has a print version. AICOMS also invites academics and researchers in the field of information technology, particularly from informatics engineering and information systems research to submit their articles. The articles to be published is an original work and has never been published. Incoming articles will be reviewed by a team of reviewers from internal and external sources. This journal contains research results with topics originating within the scope of the Informatics Engineering and Computer Sciene family such as:

  1. Computer System / Computer Engineering
  2. Information System
  3. Software Engineering
  4. Information Technology
  5. Informatics Engineering / Computer Science
  6. Expert System
  7. Data Mining
  8. Artificial Neural Network
  9. Genetics Algorithm
  10. Case Based Reasoning
  11. Intelligent Software Agent
  12. Language Technology
  13. Other fields included in the science cluster