The Jurnal Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi (LITERASI)  intended as a medium for scientific studies on the results of community service, thoughts and critical-analysis studies regarding service that focuses on multidisciplinary fields with the enthusiasm to disseminate the results of service thoughts that are multidisciplinary in nature to support service that is beneficial to the community including as study material and academic references in the field multidisciplinary science..

 Journal Pengabdian Masyarakat Dan Inovasi (LITERASI) accepts scientific articles with the scope of devotion or scientific review articles in the field of science:

  1. Human development, education and national competitiveness
  2. Poverty alleviation based on local resources
  3. Management of wisdom and rural areas
  4. Economic development, entrepreneurship, cooperatives and creative industries
  5. Development of environmental technology
  6. Health, nutrition, tropical diseases, herbal medicines, art, literature and culture, as well as national integration and social harmony
  7. Transfer of technology