Penyusunan Perangkat Pembelajaran Kurikulum 2013 Di SMK Mamba’ul Jadid Malang


  • Ucik Fitri Handayani IAI AL-QOLAM MALANG



Leraning Tools, Curriculum 2013


The 2013 curriculum has been revised several times. However, there are still some schools that have not been able to implement it optimally. This service aims to improve teacher skills in compiling K-13 learning tools and 1 sheet lesson plans. This activity was carried out for teachers at Mamba'ul Jadid Vocational School, Malang Regency. This service activity includes several stages, namely the preparation, implementation and evaluation stages. The method used is descriptive qualitative. The result of this service activity is that teachers can arrange K-13 learning tools and 1 sheet of lesson plans. The results of the activities will also be designed in the form of articles and published.


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