Pelatihan Internet Dan Multimedia Bagi Karang Taruna Di Kelurahan Jatiuwung, Tangerang


  • Yudhi Chandra Dwiaji Universitas Mercu Buana



Internet, information technology, multimedia


Somewhat recently, internet has been utilized more by workplaces and organizations, however presently one might say that the intenet has become one of the required things for different gatherings, particularly most of youngsters. Innovative advances are the response to the advancement of globalization that is progressively encompassing the world. An advancement that will unquestionably affect the human progress of the understudy's life. The enormous number of understudies who likewise go about as clients of data and correspondence innovation, demonstrates that their lives are never isolated from the job of data innovation. The objective of the execution of this help action is the young gathering of kelurahan Jatiuwung, Tangerang. The objective of this preparation is to get an outline of the utilization of data innovation for this situation the internet as a type of movement and work apparatuses in different fields, securing abilities in regards to internet utilize that can be utilized as data and diversion media, lastly, make youngsters more inventive and imaginative and applying information that is possessed to the local area. The result of this movement is to expand information and abilities for the more youthful age in utilizing and utilizing the internet well. Likewise the more youthful age can enhance the utilization of the internet in existing asset advancement exercises


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